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Cleaning and maintenance of computer chairs

Sep 09, 2018

Computer chairs are usually made of sponge and cloth. Pay attention when cleaning, otherwise it will easily damage the materials inside.

1. Vacuuming with a vacuum cleaner is the first step to adsorb dust particles as a whole.

2. Dilute the detergent, or inject it into the water tank, and then spray the cleaner on the computer chair.

3. Let the detergent stay on the computer chair for a while to get the stain out of the fiber.

4. Use sauna machine and high temperature cleaning machine alternately, at least twice.

5. While cleaning the computer chair, use the water suction machine to absorb the washed computer chair, let the computer chair completely dry, in order to speed up the computer chair dry, you can start the computer chair dryer leather computer chair cleaning leather products maintenance cleaning The leather computer chair needs a special steam engine for cleaning the computer chair and a special cleaning agent. When using the computer chair steam engine to clean the computer chair, first make a test in the inconspicuous place to see if the leather is fading. If it is faded, it must be cleaned by other methods. After that, a protective liquid should be applied to the computer chair to prevent the dirt from penetrating into the pores of the cortex again causing secondary pollution. The protective liquid is best to use the soft soft wax of the leather computer chair, otherwise the leather will become hard and quickly aging. Note that if the leather computer chair is clean, it is only suitable for dry cleaning. After drying, the computer chair must be filled with maintenance fluid.

6, you can put a jacket on it, protect the computer chair, but also make the chair more beautiful.

7. Check the wheels and handrails regularly. If there is any damage, change them as soon as possible to avoid the person who falls on the chair and live to affect the operation of the computer in other parts.