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Computer chair purchase knowledge

Sep 09, 2018
  1. There are a variety of computer chairs on the market, a wide range of brands, different shapes, and even a detailed distinction between functions and people. So, how do we choose the best products for our products? When to start:

  2. First, the cushion. The cost of a good cushion is high. The general computer chair is a sponge cushion, so the merchant will basically make a fuss on the cushion. Good cushions are generally thicker and have a concave curve to accommodate the curves of the buttocks, which provide good support and protection for the body while giving you a comfortable sitting feel. The line-shaped seats on the market are a good choice, and the comfortable sitting is also good for heat dissipation.

  3. Second, the backrest. The backrest of the computer chair should also be designed for its comfortable feel and safety. Some of the backrests of the chair are loose, and even a slight shake can generate noise. Such a chair is not only easy to damage, but also has potential safety hazards.

  4. Third, the lifting steering rod. If you buy a swivel chair, you must test the swivel chair on the spot. During the process, feel the smooth and smooth process, whether there is looseness or slippery. If the lifting feeling is blocked, then you should choose the computer chair carefully.

  5. Fourth, other details. Other concealed parts and small details of the computer chair can not be ignored. If the parts are found to be rough or even rusty, it is definitely a poor quality product.