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How to buy an esports chair, what should you pay attention to?

Feb 09, 2019

The game chair chair, as its name suggests, is a video game special chair used in the video game city animation game city, and can also be divided into a game machine chair, an animation game chair and the like. The video game city is quite special, and the required quality standards for the game chair video game chair are high. The main requirement is to sit comfortably and fit the height of the game console, so that consumers will not be so hard to entertain.

Here I want to explain, the so-called esports chair is just a gimmick, in the end is the ergonomic chair, but there is still a good way to choose a good chair, summed up the following 5 points

1. Cushion. The cost of a good cushion is high. The general ergonomic chair fabrics are all mesh fabrics, so the merchants will basically make a fuss on the cushions. Good cushions use foreign nets, not my adoration, this is the fact, and the curve of the mesh surface, to adapt to the curve of the buttocks, to the body to play a good support and protection, while giving you a comfortable sitting . The line-shaped seats on the market are a good choice, and the comfortable sitting is also good for heat dissipation.

2. Backrest. The backrest of the ergonomic chair also needs to be comfortable and safe. Some of the backrests of the chair are loose, and even a slight shaking can produce noise. Such a chair is not only easy to damage, but sometimes has safety hazards.

3. Lift the steering rod. If you buy an ergonomic chair, you must observe the functions such as lifting, rotating, etc. During the process, feel whether the whole process is smooth and smooth, with or without looseness and sliding. If the lifting feel is blocked, then you should choose the computer chair carefully.

4. Other details. Other concealed parts and small details of the computer chair can not be ignored. If the parts are found to be rough or even rusty, it is definitely a poor quality product.

5. Pay attention to the choice of brand, don't be greedy and cheap. Many unscrupulous merchants in the industry use the "e-sports chair" and "ergonomic chair" to deceive consumers with inferior materials. Their typical characteristics are cheap, consumers should be rational. Treat this kind of product that you don't know much about.