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How to distinguish the quality of the e-sports chair?

Jul 29, 2018

The structure of the esports chair is divided into the following parts: backrest, chassis support, five-star foot, hand support, cushion, the most important gas pole, and the roller. If you use a sponge, you can manually pinch the softness. It is recommended to start with a little harder, because the density of the sponge will be larger, the material is not easy to deform, and you can try different positions of the sponge. Whether the rebound strength is different, if it is different, it means true ergonomics, because different parts of the human body need to bear different pressures, and if the pinch sponge is the same everywhere, it is easier to sit and not ergonomic. principle. And there are a lot of sponges on the market with some rubbish to shoddy, pay attention. Others are mainly gas rods. The gas rods are best certified by international authority SGS. It has an ISO principle with food. It means that by selecting, the best choice is 4 grade gas rod (CLASS4). This gas rod can withstand 200 kg pressure, which is one of the best and safest gas rods at present. You don't have to worry about safety. I have read the news that the computer chair lift will cause the chrysanthemum to be what I am speechless. Reducing the cost of using unqualified listening rods, or using a 3rd-level gas rod or an international 3rd-level gas rod, this is really harmful. Another point is to choose the entire gas rod over the SGS body test certification, because there are many unscrupulous merchants holding part of the gas lever over the SGS gas pole to fool people who do not understand that it is over SGS! I am currently using the isa seat brand esports chair! Meet my requirements for this Virgo. I hope useful to you!