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Is there really a difference between the esports chair and the boss chair?

Apr 07, 2019

1, the appearance, this needless to say, you will know;

2, materials, esports chairs are shaped sponges (don't tell me 200 pieces, it is not an esports chair, just imitation), to be harder, the boss chair exterior material has leather or PU leather, cushion thickness There will be differences, be softer;

3, shape, esports chairs are generally surrounded by racing-style seats, the boss chair is spacious, atmospheric. Do you think the difference between the seat of the car and the back seat of the car?

4, function, most of them are the same here, the esports chair will generally adjust a number of handrails. After all, the height of the body requires the height of the handrail when operating, the direction may be poor, there will be demand for the e-sports operation, but the boss chair is not needed. What kind of boss do you use with the mouse and keyboard to use it together is an hour?

I think that there is no difference, that is to say, they are all computer chairs. They can be used in front of the computer. This is related to cars and SUVs. It is said that all the roads can be on the road. It is nothing more than four wheels running on the road, but you can say this kind of car. Is there any difference?

In addition, do not mix the ergonomic chair with the esports chair. The ergonomics focuses on the support of the back of the human body when sitting for a long time. There is no special design for the game. Its design is for sitting posture; the esport chair It has a certain ergonomics, but it is far worse than the ergonomic chair.

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