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The difference between ordinary seats and racing seats

Apr 15, 2018

People who are keen on driving a car often change their racing seats if they like to drive hard or enjoy driving a car. Changing the racing seat is a must.

The first point, its package is better than ordinary seats. So that the driver will not swing in the curve.

Second point. Its safety is better because of the different forms of seatbelts. So racing seats give you more protection.

The third point. Lightweight, racing seats are lighter than usual.

However, compared with the disadvantages, there are still some, racing seats greatly reduced comfort, not as ordinary seats, sitting stiff, long-term driving fatigue. The cushion is thinner and provides a clearer sense of road. However, the bumpiness also increased.

Due to the special working environment of the racing seats, there is an extraordinary performance in terms of packageability, strength, toughness, weight, safety and ergonomics.

Most of the major brands of racing seats use materials from aerospace science and technology, such as high-strength fiberglass or ultra-light carbon fiber composite materials. These materials not only provide maximum support but are also very light in terms of weight.

The ergonomics of a car seat as an event is an important part. The racing seat provides the driver with an extraordinary riding experience in various driving environments to ensure the driver's best ergonomic posture. .

However, due to the high price of racing seats for some people, even for the average person's consumption level, it is not worth spending a lot of money to buy them. They choose to buy fake racing seats, and the fake seats are not as good as genuine ones. However, it also provides better driving experience than ordinary seats. But of course, buying genuine products will be safer and more secure.