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2019 Best Selling Gaming Chair And Office Chair Models

Aug 22, 2019

2019 best selling gaming chair and office chair models

It has past more than 7 months in 2019, and our company export sales is very good till now. Especially the office chair and gaming chair, we have 30% increase in exporting quantity comparing to 2018.

Below we have list a data which show our best selling models in 2019, everyone can see from here that which models are the best popular models in 2019.

No. 1

Model: Y-2706-1


This gaming chair is our best popular model in 2018, and now it's the best popular model in 2019 till now. We sold more than 50,000 pcs in 2018, and till now we have sold more than 30,000 pcs in 2019.

The reasons why this model is the no.1 are as below:

1). The design is very simple but beautiful.

2). The price is pretty good and beautiful.

3). The packing size is very small and it's very suitable for E-business such as amazon, Ebay and all kinds of online sales.

4). The gaming chair model is comfortable for both kids and adult, studing, working and playing game.

5). This gaming chair models have very few complaints from our clients and it help our customers save much time dealing with the after-sale service.

6). This gaming chair is our no.1 quantity models which our workers make, so their workmanship become better and better to keep the appearance of the chair perfect.

7). The lead time is very short, 15 days at fast. It help our customers to catch the best selling seasons and time to make sure their selling well.

No. 2

Model: Y-2540


This office chair is a very classic model that we have made for many years. 

The design is very traditional but classical.

In the past years, it sells not so well, but this year it sell really good.

I think one of the main reason is the price. Since the raw material of this office chair model is very normal and made by many suppliers for many years. And this year some of the material come to a lowest level and our selling price is also the best price among all these year we export. 

Besides, this office chair can be used for many kinds of office, normal staff or boss, both are OK.