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Chair Classification And Consumer Groups

Apr 30, 2017

Chair classification and consumer groups

Look at the composition of the material, can be divided into: leather leather office chair, office chair, office chair, cloth mesh office chair, office chair plastic etc..

From the use of type, can be divided into: boss chair, work chair, staff chair, chair, conference chair, reception chairs, ergonomic chairs, etc.


gaming chair  gaming chair

From the use of the situation, the main office, open staff office, conference room, reading room, library reference room, training room, laboratory, staff quarters, canteens, etc..

Consumer group

Office chairs are mainly concentrated in the three categories of people: first, the purchase of enterprises; the two is the government procurement; the three is the school procurement; the four is the family (study).

But now the proportion of government procurement is not large, mainly concentrated in the purchase of enterprises, accounting for the main force.

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