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Custom Office Furniture Need To Pay Attention To What Matters?

Mar 24, 2015

After acceptance of office furniture should customize how? How can customize to the satisfaction of the office furniture? On custom office furniture need to pay attention to what matters? We invite handsome Shenzhen Office Furniture Co., the person in charge Yeqi Jun were answered.

Advantage of custom office furniture: designer personally come, according to the customer's preferences and office size, provide multiple sets of design. Office furniture factory in accordance with the customer and then select the program to create office furniture and is responsible for the installation and distribution; office furniture can be designed according to the size of the pattern and structure of different offices, office structure with a perfect fit, while taking full advantage of fragmented space.

 At present, the type of custom office furniture main conference table, office desk, wall and so on. Shenzhen handsome Office Furniture Ltd, who 叶齐军 remind consumers when choosing custom office furniture, office furniture must determine customize products according to the type and size of office space. If the office space is limited, in many cases the staff should be mainly to save space, if it is office wall, the shape of the table should be as simple point group, body mass should be relatively small, so that it does not seem crowded.