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Economic Downturn In The Office Furniture Business To Do Strategic Adjustment

Mar 24, 2015

Economic downturn in the office furniture business to do strategic adjustment

Today, Shenzhen office furniture enterprises are facing tremendous pressure to survive, enough to go inward, outward export cold, got hit state of development encroaching office furniture industry transformation. In the domestic market, the office furniture industry show saturation capacity, increased competition among office furniture business. The emergence of a large number of electricity supplier development office furniture companies to tap into e-commerce, harm the interests of dealers, plus the investment problem has not been resolved, office furniture business trapped traditional marketing model. Meanwhile, the office furniture industry homogeneity, for imitation and plagiarism among enterprises, the market is unable to take effective measures to eradicate. Cottage in vogue activity decreased resulting in the office furniture industry, diversification trend weakened. Office furniture market in disarray, not reflected in the value of office furniture products, decreased interest in innovation, new product development efforts to cut the long-term development and stability is not conducive to update the office furniture industry.

 House seemingly endless rain, a large number of foreign brands to enter the market of office furniture, office furniture, domestic enterprises worse. Many office furniture business snatch the same market, Ebb Tide type of competition will lead to a part of the company's "demise." Exports of office furniture business strategy development as an important part, since 2014 frustrated, office furniture export value in the first half of this year fell 5.63 percent, the second time after 2009, following negative growth.