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How To Buy An Esports Chair, What Should You Pay Attention To?

Aug 05, 2018

If you want a computer chair, pay attention to these points:

The first is the design, is it ergonomic design, compared with the general chair, the ergonomic chair is more suitable for sedentary, the protection of the human body is also very good, the best brand in this respect should be black and white, simple design Stylish and very durable;

Next is the cushion padding. After all, we buy a chair to sit comfortably first. There are many recycled cotton on the market. This affects the service life on the one hand and the health on the other. It is recommended to use the filler as the original high. Density sponge chair;

Once again, if the chair is a bow-shaped leg, look at the corner to see if there is any special treatment. Do not use it soon. If you have a five-claw chair, check whether the pressure bar has passed SGS international certification. Otherwise, don't buy it. Chrysanthemum danger

Finally, other additional features, such as maintenance is convenient, can you lie down, after-sales service, etc.