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How To Choose A Good Office Chair

Apr 30, 2017

How to choose a good office chair

A good office chair, should meet the following standards:

Must have a high degree of adjustment of the device and flexible rotation of 360 degrees of basic functions.

The depth and width of the seat should be correct, and the front edge of the chair should be kept in a circular arc.

Backrest with supporting body and eliminating fatigue tension.

With the waist size of the human body curve design, in order to prevent the lumbar spine arch, and to protect the function of the lumbar spine.

The chair must cooperate with the body to move, not limited to the user, only one sitting posture.

Ipomoea foot area, use the end of high security.

Chairs must be free to move, it is best to choose a chair with wheels, and the wheels are different according to the soft and hard, and the choice of different materials.

The chair should not have a bad design of the hook or hinder the work, if the use of handrails with a chair, you need to use a good surface of the handrail material.

All the adjustment device to be simple and easy to operate.

Should be designed to be installed at any time, such as handrails accessories.

Choose the chair which is suitable for the user to use, at the same time, it can guarantee the product and perfect after-sale service.

With beautiful appearance and appropriate color matching.

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