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How To Choose An Excellent Ergonomic Office Chair

Sep 12, 2020

Office chairs sold on the market can be roughly divided into three categories: gaming chairs, boss chairs, and ergonomic chairs. Let’s first look at the dimensions of the office chair tested by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine. It is natural to understand these points. You know the criteria for purchasing a good office chair.

Air pressure rod

The biggest safety hazard of office chairs is the air pressure rod. Unqualified air pressure rods have the risk of explosion. This is the most serious and the most harmful to users. To put it simply, the principle of the air bar is that there is a cylinder and a gas cylinder in the lift chair. Open the valve, the cylinder and the cylinder are connected to release the pressure, so that the cylinder can be adjusted up and down. When the valve is closed, the air in the cylinder is locked due to the air pressure. In general, the up and down movement of the piston rod in the cylinder governs the lifting of the swivel chair by adjusting the air pressure.

Factors affecting the safety of the gas pressure rod First of all, the gas pressure rod is filled with inert gas. If the purity of the gas is not enough, or other substances are mixed in, an explosion may occur in a high temperature environment. Generally speaking, when the purity of nitrogen reaches 90% or more, safety can be guaranteed. Second, the workmanship and quality of the gas pressure rod itself, the tube wall of the pressure rod is too thin and long-term use will cause aging, and may also cause an explosion. Third, the seal is not properly sealed, which leads to gas leakage. Although it will not cause an explosion, it will invalidate the movable function.

Gas sticks are divided into 4 grades. Do not buy gas sticks that are grade one or two or even not marked. It is not safe. At present, all the gas sticks that meet the standard are Class 3 or Class 4 gas sticks. Generally, the gas sticks are marked as class 3 or class 4. The difference between the fourth-stage gas rod and the third-stage gas rod is that the fourth-stage gas rod is heat-treated. There are three levels that can be used. When using at the same time, do not frequently adjust the height or rotate the chair to avoid overheating of the air pressure rod wall and cause safety hazards.

Explosion-proof steel plate

After talking about the air pressure rod, I have to mention the explosion-proof steel plate. The qualified office swivel chair according to the national standard requires an explosion-proof steel plate with a thickness of not less than 2mm at the connection part of the chair surface and the air pressure rod. In case of an explosion, the air rod can prevent the air rod from penetrating the chair. Surface, can play a very good isolation effect, thereby reducing the harm to the human body as much as possible.

Five-star base

The base of an office swivel chair is generally a five-star foot structure. If it is not a five-star foot, there will be instability problems. Special attention should be paid when purchasing. The base is an important part of the office chair and bears the weight of the entire human body. Inferior bases have the risk of breaking , It is easy to make people fall and hurt. There is also a problem with the quality of the casters in contact with the five-star feet. If the material is not good, the area will wear out after long-term activities.

Office chair fabric

As the main contact parts with the human body, the chair surface and chair back are often composed of fabrics and fillings of different materials. Office chairs and ergonomic chairs are mainly made of breathable stretch mesh fabrics, while the boss chairs are mainly made of leather or PU, which is unqualified. The inner lining fabric has the risk of flammability and release of harmful gases such as formaldehyde. For people who are susceptible to gas in the home environment, long-term exposure can easily cause respiratory problems. Moreover, the office home environment is inherently small in size and in a cramped space , If you add other furniture that emits harmful gases, it may even cause cancer risk.