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Is There Really A Difference Between The Esports Chair And The Boss Chair?

Aug 05, 2018

There is no difference between the boss chair and the computer chair. The same chair has different names for different occasions.

Everyone's body is different, and the length of the tall, thin, thin arms and legs is different. The most important thing about the sitting position is that the chair is suitable for the user's body.

Healthy sitting position: The calf and thigh are kept at 90 degrees. The feet are just the height of the seat cushion (requires the height of the seat cushion can be adjusted)

The thigh and back are kept at about 105 degrees and have a reclining function. (less than 90 degrees is the backrest pressing, equal to 90 degrees is equal to no backrest, more than 90 degrees is the backrest)

In this state, the arm is placed on the table (the ergonomic adjustable desk can lift or tilt the table)

The ergonomic computer chair is simply a lot of functions that can be adjusted. Ruiyou's computer chair and Yudeng's liftable children's study table are ergonomically designed. The computer chair armrest can be adjusted up and down, the cushion depth can be adjusted, and some high-end children's tables and chairs. For example, Yasuo's reputation and Kang Pu Le's can be adjusted according to the child's height, which gives the user a healthiest sitting environment.