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Keep Learning For Providing Better Services

Mar 26, 2019

Keep Learning for Providing Better Services


Last month,we took part in the awards ceremony of Hundred Regiments competition and gained a lot in that ceremony.

Especially the first prize in the total number of insurance transactions and the second prize in the total number of new customers .



For the upcoming exhibition and to provide better services in the future,we need to strengthen our knowledge.


To know our products better,some of us go to the factory and work together with the workers.

There are many different chairs in the factory,such as gaming chair,racing chair,executive chair,bar chair and leisure chair.


They take photos and videos of different chairs and parts, and make notes in details,then put all the information into the file for sharing with other members.


And some of us go to the training class of platform for our shop online. They learn carefully and make notes in details during the class. Then they share them with us.


We will keep learning and working hard to provide our high quality products and best service for the client!