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Net Purchase Of Office Furniture And Other Equipment To Rights?

Mar 24, 2015

The new "network transaction management approach", since March 15, 2014, consumers in the receipt of net purchases of goods 7 days can be no reason for return. This is a new regulation that is introduced by the praise, but the specific implementation, how will it? Especially for consumer online shopping office furniture and other bulky items, the logistics of your packaging problems and other problems still exist, how should safeguard their own interests?

    Taobao, we found that the vast majority of office furniture electricity suppliers are willing to take "due to the seller's return causes" and "consumers bear the return freight." But for the "already installed" and "has been used for a long time," the office furniture does not agree to return, because "affect the secondary sales of goods." If office furniture quality is really a problem, consumers should be its own expense, quality inspection, after proof before refunds are given. An electricity supplier of office furniture directly from Shenzhen, said: "Most of the online sale of office furniture needs self-assembly, such as conference table, office screens and other office furniture, will not be refunded after someone, so we will not accept returns . "