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Office Furniture Exports To Emerging Markets.

Mar 24, 2015

Current domestic labor costs five to seven times higher than that of Vietnam, Myanmar and other Southeast Asian countries. In order to reduce production costs, more and more orders for office furniture export enterprises will be transferred to Southeast Asia. It is learned that in the international market, ASEAN, Latin America, Africa, market access threshold is low, the development of promising, and now has become a new growth point of the domestic office furniture exports. Technical barriers to trade by the United States and the European Union escalation and other factors, the domestic office furniture export enterprises have increased their efforts to develop these emerging markets. In 2012, domestic exports to ASEAN Furniture $ 4.93 billion, up 39.4 percent; Latin American exports of office furniture $ 3.07 billion, up 75.2%; African exports of office furniture $ 2.76 billion, an increase of 1.4 times.

In recent times, Europe and other developed economies continue to trade measures, increasing the difficulty of the domestic office furniture exports. Europe and other export markets for the implementation of the new regulations of office furniture products, increased domestic exports of office furniture production costs. In order to cope with Europe and other developed economies successive trade measures, insiders pointed out that the office furniture export enterprises should be strictly in accordance with the regulatory requirements of the importing country sourcing raw materials such as wood and wood products, and enhance competitiveness in international markets. The first quarter of 2014, the domestic office furniture exports declined. Due to the sharp rise in production costs, domestic office furniture products competitively priced began to weaken, office furniture orders began to shift to the Southeast Asian region. It is understood that the first quarter of 2014, the domestic export value 5.9 trillion yuan, down 3.7 percent over last year. Which exports three trillion yuan, down 6.1 percent; import 2.9 trillion yuan, down 1.2%. General Administration of Customs released data show that in March the month of domestic export value 2.03 trillion yuan, down 11.5 percent, of which exports 1.04 trillion yuan, 0.99 trillion yuan of imports, was double down.