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Office Furniture Nondestructive Overall Detection Methods

Mar 24, 2015

Office furniture nondestructive overall detection methods

Many consumers worry about office furniture formaldehyde, but also entangled in the office furniture was destroyed after submission can not continue to use. In the future, such concerns can be dispelled. "Solid wood furniture harmful substances National Standards" (Amendment) has been drafted in accordance with the new standards, the future of office furniture can be placed in the overall cabin environment and climate were harmful substances, testing office furniture will not be destroyed, you can continue to use. In addition, "office sofa harmful substances" new national standard has also been completed drafting standards now awaiting review after authorities announced. Office sofa new standards will increase the formaldehyde, azo and other environmental performance requirements.

Now commissioned testing center for office furniture are mainly three types of people: office furniture manufacturers and sales enterprises, consumers. In general, due to higher summer temperatures and humidity, gas release speed, the number of consumers trust more censorship. Center received a total of more than a dozen consumer commission office furniture test items, after the detection of about two-thirds are qualified products, four percent failed. Failure problems occurred mainly in formaldehyde, cracking and deformation, the product in question are mainly concentrated in the outer suburbs of building materials city or small businesses to purchase office furniture.