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Office Furniture Production Automation High Degree Of Difficulty

Mar 24, 2015

In recent years, the office furniture industry to accelerate the transformation efficiency, improve industrial automation, semi-automated, mechanized production increasing demands for large, since 2013, robots have been widely introduced in traditional manufacturing. However, for intensive office furniture industry, enhance labor productivity is not so easy.

It is understood that, per capita GDP in Shenzhen office furniture industry for 32 280 / month, average wage is about 3589 yuan / person, wages account for about enterprise value ratio was 10.9%. According to the analysis, if the company's per capita GDP was 30,000 / month or less, there will be dangerous business. Shenzhen office furniture industry is now high proportion of labor costs, many experts pointed out the need to speed up the office furniture industry to enhance the degree of mechanization, the degree of automation.

We pass on the part of the Shenzhen office furniture company learned that a sample survey, the annual output value of 50 million in business-oriented billion, 60% of companies invested in the acquisition, transformation equipment of 200 million yuan. Annual output value of 10 million to 50 million enterprises, 30% of companies invested less than 1 million. The annual output value of 10 million or less of the enterprise, the little investment in production equipment.