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Office Furniture VOCs Control Requirements

Mar 24, 2015

First, according to the Guangdong Province, "to produce the basic situation of volatile organic compounds in various industries and emission control requirements", relevant content is as follows:

1, office furniture, painting, drying and bonding process to be carried out in the workshop, prohibited the use of paint, office furniture dry in the open air, bonding operations, is prohibited in open dumps paint and empty paint bucket;

2, the workshop should have organic gas collection, purification equipment and sealed good effect;

3, shop volatile organic waste subject to centralized ventilation system pumping. Workshop should be equipped with good ventilation, ventilation air changes per hour to reach more than six times the space outside the plant area workshop no odor;

4, timely closed container ports (including the empty container) after the paint used to prevent spilling;

5, the varnished wood office furniture can not be stored in the open air, to timely storage;