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Solid Wood Furniture Should Pay Attention To Moisture Waxing

Mar 24, 2015

With the arrival of autumn, how to care for the office furniture should be gradually put on the agenda. Autumn air humidity is relatively small, relatively dry interior, daily care and maintenance needs some attention, to remind the industry, office furniture, sun proof, cleaning, waxing, moisturizing care and three measures of protection not less.

Recently, Shenzhen Office Furniture Co., handsome small series received a lot of consumer calls, office furniture moisture problems mentioned. For some of the outstanding issues, we remind consumers in this, "Although there is no summer fierce autumn sun, but the sun for a long time plus the already dry climate, easy to make the wood is too dry, cracks and local fade." in everyday life, the placement of office furniture outdoor sunlight should be avoided for office furniture prolonged exposure whole or in part, or with transparent tulle curtains separating the direct sunlight, so that will not affect the interior lighting, while protecting interior office furniture. But the office furniture should not be in a very humid place, as wood expands when wet, a long time perishable.