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The Rise Of Custom Office Furniture

Mar 24, 2015

Most offices are rented by the size and layout of the influence of space, office furniture on the market has been unable to meet consumer demand. Thus, the Shenzhen office furniture factory have for consumers launched "tailor" custom office furniture to meet consumer demand for personalized, customized office furniture has become increasingly sought after, the future market will be very large.

With the post-80s becoming key members of the office, their ideas and their spending habits and elders is completely different, the traditional model is difficult to meet their individual needs, and "private custom" in this quietly popular. It is learned that the Shenzhen office furniture and now many companies are beginning to get involved in the field of custom office furniture services, some of whom, such as Shenzhen, handsome furniture and other well-known brands.

Carry out custom office furniture business for many years head of the Shenzhen handsome furniture Yeqi Jun said that in recent years the rise of custom office furniture market is not accidental. Currently, the office in Shenzhen are rented, small utility area, in this case, sales of finished furniture store office furniture, as limited by the size and utilization of office space, is extremely inflexible. Office furniture can be customized according to the preferences of the consumers themselves, the size of the entire office space as well as decorative style tailored to meet individual needs and space requirements.