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On Friday Night, We Participated In The 2018 “Hundred Regiments Battle” Awards Ceremony.

Mar 26, 2019

On Friday night, we participated in the 2018 “Hundred Regiments Battle” Awards Ceremony. “Hundred Regiments Battle” means during the two and a half months from October 15th to December 30th, 2018, we battled more than 20 companies in Anji, the situation was as below:

our colleagues Jacky and Daisy’s total transaction order amount all exceeds one million RMB .They were well-deserved million heroes, worth learning.



Our team also won the first place in the total number of insurance transactions and the second place in the total number of new customers in Alibaba.

In addition, our manager Jacky Wu has also adapted a popular Chinese song  “ Camel in Desert ”, That name was “The seller of Alibaba” . The lyrics were quite exciting and the atmosphere was very warm,as if it was his personal concert, everyone applauded.Please click on the video link to enjoy:    https://youtu.be/nVc-oCE1AKc


Our Boss Mr.Gu was also the biggest lucky person in that night , he won the first prize, one TV set.