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What Office Furniture Includes

Nov 28, 2020

When buying office furniture, most customers buy it every few years, and it is not necessarily the responsibility of a dedicated person, and it is unlikely that Bai will be responsible for it, so it is impossible to talk about professionalism and experience. It is inevitable for amateurs to be professional referees There are many misunderstandings in purchasing. Now I will summarize some common misunderstandings for your reference.

1. Too much emphasis on low prices

Price is usually closely linked with value and cost. Furniture that is too low in price is usually of low cost and poor quality. Generally, its appearance and design are poor, and there is no cultural value. Experienced purchasers know that buying a product with a price that is too low usually has many unforeseen hidden dangers, resulting in many problems after purchase, which is regrettable. For most companies, a gap of 10-20% of the total is not a big problem at all.

2. Buy famous brands

It is usually not a mistake to buy a famous brand, but it is necessary to buy a large quantity and do what you can. Compared with general domestic high-quality furniture, brand-name furniture (especially imported furniture) is still a lot more expensive, ranging from 50-100% to 200-300. %. Because the brand promotion cost of brand-name furniture still has to pay a lot of real money; besides how good the brand is, it is only good for the details that can be distinguished by some professionals.

3. Too much emphasis on business scale

Scale can only indicate strong production capacity, but not good quality. In a sense, scale, individuality, and cultural value are still contradictory. Italian furniture is well-known all over the world, but the scale of Italian furniture companies is small. There are only dozens of people in well-known companies, but Italian furniture is famous for design, not scale. On the contrary, low-end product manufacturers tend to be large-scale, more common in Zhongshan and Shunde. What customers want to buy is quality and service, and basically has nothing to do with the size of the company.

4. Buy products with fast delivery and buy spot

Many customers lack experience and do not consider the production cycle of mid-to-high-end products. They only buy when the office is about to be renovated. This has been too late, and they can only buy products with fast delivery and stocks. Such products are usually low-end products, lacking individuality and cultural value, or even poor quality, and generally cannot meet the needs of high-level customers.

5. Buy products from Furniture City

Many customers regard buying office furniture as a small matter and don't care too much. They think that there are more styles in the furniture store. Then they will go to the furniture store and buy them when they see suitable and desirable ones. As everyone knows, the furniture city has many styles but few boutiques. The essence of the furniture city is actually a shopping mall with furniture as the theme. Just like the clothing city and the electrical appliance city, they don’t have a deep understanding of furniture and cannot provide professional services. 

Many customers only know that it is not suitable when they buy it back, but it is too late. Up. For example, any asymmetric office desk has a direction, not all customers know it, and they will know when they buy it back. The design of the open office area is more difficult, and the expertise is more. Besides, the Furniture Market is not self-produced furniture. To make money, there are still high costs (rent, salary, administrative expenses, electricity bills, etc.). It is not difficult to find manufacturers. It does not matter if you buy a small amount of furniture. Irrational choice. In addition, the furniture store usually requires payment or cash on delivery (many of which have to be collected before installation). If there is a problem, there is no initiative; the service of the furniture store is more like a love vow.